• $9.00
    Bali Bliss
    The perfect virgin pina colada pineapple, coconut cream, vanilla syrup & cashew milk
  • $9.00
    Dragonberry Healer
    Nature's deep pink fruit, a healer at its best. strawberries, red dragon fruit, lychee, dates
  • $10.00
    Jumpy Monkey
    Uh oh! The quiet monkey sipped a genius espresso! cacao, banana, honey, genius espresso & cashew milk
  • $9.00
    Lean Green Machine
    A clean nourishment that's packed with natural energy banana, avocado, spinach, honey, dates & cashew milk
  • $9.00
    Quiet Monkey
    Don't let the monkeys steal this creamy treat from you. cacao, banana, honey & cashew milk.
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